Expertly crafted cupcakes
in the Northwest of England

At Tilly Mildred Cakes we love making cupcakes as the possibilities are endless. We can personalise them to your specific requirements. From wedding, christenings, corporate, special birthdays, anniversaries, cartoon characters, and more.

You can be assured that cupcakes by Tilly Mildred Cakes of Rochdale are exquisite tasting and made from the best local fresh produce using an all-butter buttercream. We promise that you will be completely satisfied with your cupcakes. Just pick up the phone, WhatsApp, or complete the contact form to discuss your ideas and between us, we will create a plan you're happy with.

With there being a vast range of design ideas you can incorporate into your cupcakes, it can sometimes be difficult to settle on one design. Domed cupcakes give a crisp finish giving a smooth and neat cupcake where it can be embossed with text such as the age of the recipient, a name for example and even colour coordinating to your theme or event. Piped cupcakes have a less formal finish but still give an eye-catching appearance and you can add numerous varieties of decorations on top. Another option is to have a circle of icing on top of your cupcake which can also be embossed which gives the cupcakes a beautiful finish.

Tilly Mildred Cakes go the extra mile and it is this attention to detail which sets us apart from our competitors. We have been told on many occasions our cakes are the best cupcakes in Rochdale. Just take a look at our testimonials from our many happy customers and you will see that each and every one of our customers were delighted with their cupcake design.

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Manchester's finest cupcakes

For wedding cupcakes, you can either have cupcakes for every guest or these can be matched up to your main wedding cake, which looks amazing. I can use our colour swatches to get the best possible colour match. There are vast design options, some examples are blossoms, roses, bows, pearls, or for a simplistic approach just your colours. There are elegant wraps available if that is a style you like.

Beautiful Christening cupcakes Northwest

Christening cupcakes are often subtle colours or to blend with your event, matching to room decorations. You can add all types of decorations from simplistic to funky or themed.

Beautiful Corporate cupcakes Rochdale

Corporate cupcakes can make a shop opening or new branding event celebratory. It looks eye-catching on photographs for promotional purposes. These can have company logo's, names, numbers, corporate colours etc

Beautiful Birthday cupcakes Rochdale

For birthday cupcakes you can incorporate a mix of numbers, a name, then add something of their favourite hobby, or you could pick a pretty colourful theme. If there is a particular theme you like, I can design something accordingly, or for special birthdays it is perfect to have your matching cupcakes to blend with your main cake. Lots of customers ask me to give design ideas for their celebration.

Tailor-made cupcakes

We can tailor-make your cupcakes for your special event to your exact requirements. From a corporate and formal theme to playful cartoon character cupcakes. The possibilities really are endless. You can be assured that cupcakes by Tilly Mildred Cakes of Rochdale are exquisite tasting and made from the best local fresh produce. In fact, we will guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your cupcakes. Just pick up the phone to discuss your ideas with us and we can begin creating your delicious cupcakes.

The choices are endless and you can be 100% confident that your creations will taste as good as they look.

Our cupcakes are made with such pride and attention to detail and we can deliver your creations straight to your door or venue on the day of your liking. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding your individual cupcake order on 07765 251 720