Our Prices

Below you will find our basic price list. If you have specific requirements please get in touch with Andrea at Tilly Mildred Cakes by phone or on WhatsApp 07765 251720 or info@tillymildredcakes.co.uk or fill out the contact form here.

Celebration Cakes

Celebration cakes from Tilly Mildred Cakes Rochdale can make cakes to your specific requirements. Simply call us to discuss options such as style, flavour, icing, character toppers and more. Most celebration cakes are collected here in Heywood, but for cakes with more than 2 tiers We can deliver to your venue. A reasonable Delivery charge will apply.

Size Serves Prices from
6 inch diameter 24 £40
7 inch diameter 36 £50
8 inch diameter 48 £60

Wedding Cakes

We have many different options when it comes to your wedding cake. We are able to discuss flavours, design, portions, size, shape, delivery times for your big day and cake toppers. We can deliver to your venue which we can arrange. Often 3 tier wedding cakes are delivered without charge locally. For smaller cakes or cakes going further afield a reasonable delivery charges will apply. If you have any questions, or want to know about deposits and payments please see our FAQ page

Cake size Size (inches) Portions Prices from
1 tier 8x8 25 Ring us
2 tier 8x8, 6x6 40 Ring us
3 tier 8x8, 6x6, 4x4 46 Ring us


Tilly Mildred Cupcakes can hand craft cupcakes of all different styles and sizes. We have a vast array of cupcakes in our portoflio. From star wars character cupcakes to super sized cupcakes, we can deliver to your venue. Delivery charges will apply.

minimum order of 12 cupcakes

Number of cupcakes Prices
12 from £30
24 from £60
36 from £90